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Brake repairs and replacements

Brakes need replacing? Brake fluid levels running low? We can help. We cover all aspects of brake care, repairs and replacements – whatever the make and model of your vehicle.

Our FREE brake check service

Not sure how your brakes are performing? Then it may be a good idea to call in for a free brake check. Our mechanics will inspect your braking system, and its critical components, to ensure that your braking system is in a good state of repair. This service is completely free form charge and if we do recommend a repair or replacement, we’ll provide a crystal clear quote with a breakdown of labour, parts and VAT.

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Warning signs that you should book a brake check

The following symptoms should never be ignored when it comes to the health of your brakes:

How much do new brake discs and pads cost?

The cost of new brake discs and pads varies as according to the make and model of your car. Call for a free quote and we can advise as to the cost.

How often should you replace your brake fluid?

Very generally speaking your brake fluid should be drained and replaced every 30,000 miles (for most vehicles, this is around every two and a half years). One of the most common warning signs that your brake fluid needs replacing is where the brakes feel ‘spongy’ – this can also be accompanied with a delay in reaction or a lessened efficiency of your brakes.

Brake repairs backed up with an unwavering warrantee

When we undertake repairs, we also provide a cast-iron warrantee. This covers any parts that we use for 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever comes soonest.

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