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What is wheel alignment?

Over time, your wheels can move out of their optimal position (as defined by the original manufacturer). Wheel alignment is a test that checks the exact angle and position of your wheels, from which mechanics can then alter the positions of the wheels, should they require it.

Four tell-tale signs that your tracking is out

Whilst your wheels can move out of position due to general wear over time, it can also be significantly impacted following a bump, dip or pothole in the road, as well as when you hit a kerb. Here are some key symptoms of tracking that’s out.

  1. Your steering wheel is pulling to either the left or right
  2. The logo in the centre of your steering wheel isn’t completely straight, despite you travelling in a straight line.
  3. Your tyres are wearing quickly on one edge
  4. Following a turn, you find that your car is difficult to control or unpredictable. Under normal circumstances when wheels are aligned, your car should turn easily.

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Why is proper wheel alignment important?

Beyond wheel alignment impacting on the safety and stability of your vehicle, you may also find that your car uses fuel far more quickly than it should, in addition to you having to replace your tyres more often.

What does an alignment test entail?

A wheel alignment test begins with your vehicle being placed on a ramp. From this position, our experts will run the wheels of your vehicle, to which special equipment is attached. From this, we’re able to read key data that allows us to see whether the wheel alignment is correct. If it isn’t, our experts will get to work to correct the issue. From beginning to end, wheel alignment appointments take less than 90 minutes. You’re welcome to wait on site whilst we undertake this service if you so wish.

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If you have concerns about your vehicle, our team are here to help. Feel free to visit us on site for a free inspection of your vehicle and a diagnosis of any problems that you’re currently experiencing.

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