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Car engine diagnostics testing from your local, independent garage

Get to the bottom of that strange error code or warning light that keeps flagging up, with car diagnostics. Car engine diagnostics can also alter the level of your headlamps, reset your service light and adjust the settings of your electric handbrake.

What does an engine diagnostics test involve?

All modern cars are today largely controlled and managed by computing systems. The central one of which is the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This will track data related to elements such as your car emissions, the engine temperature and other operational data.

Our car diagnostics test uses advanced computing equipment to connect to your car’s computing system to ‘read’ its data. Our experts can then get to the bottom of whatever problem is affecting your vehicle. This could range from the simplistic to something more serious. It’s worth noting that error codes and warning lights should be addressed as soon as possible — and a car diagnostics test can stop small mechanical issues turning into more significant (and expensive) problems.

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Do you need to visit your dealership for car diagnostics?

No — you’re absolutely free to visit a garage of your choice.

How long does an engine diagnostics test take?

Typically speaking a car diagnostics test can be completed within around 60 minutes, although if further work is required, this will add extra time onto the appointment.

Other than the fixed price for car diagnostics is there anything else to pay?

No. The test we provide is charged at a fixed price. If we do need to undertake any repairs from the test data that we find, we’ll consult with you there and then as to what’s required. Our experts will talk you through what the issue is and provide a written quote that includes parts, labour and VAT. You’re under no obligation to move ahead with this work.

Not sure whether you need a car diagnostics test?

If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle and you’re not quite sure whether it is diagnostics that you need, simply call our team or visit our garage. They can provide obligation-free advice and advise you accordingly.

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